Zippers... leave open? or do you close?

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  1. I was looking in the Pictures thread, and noticed both. I personally keep them open, but I'm not entirely sure its just for convenience (quick grab of the iPhone or tissue for the little one). I actually think I LIKE the look of my pockets/zippers open.

    DH made fun of me, and I was wondering if I was in the minority... what about you? :smile:
  2. I leave mine open. I also like how it looks better than when they're zipped. Only when I'm in very crowded places do I zip.
  3. Always open, not only on Bals but all bags I own. I can't deal with zipping/unzipping my bags all the time.
  4. I zip them shut most times. I've been pickpocketed before when I shop so I am a little paranoid.
  5. Open = I like tassels on both sides.
  6. Open. I can't be bothered zipping and unzipping my bag. Unless I'm a crowded place, then I'll zip in case of pickpockets.
  7. unzipped! but my mother always reminds me to zip it up just in case... pickpockets are everywhere!
  8. unzipped, usually just for convenience. I can't stand constantly opening and closing my bag, unless I'm downtown, then I'm more cautious!
  9. Zip. Items could fall out!
  10. ALL ZIPPERS OPEN FOR ME TOO! :tup::yes:
  11. I zip my WE all the time, cos' it gives a better shape. But I keep my courier open. :smile:
  12. patchworkcat, Oh yes if I leave my PT open, everything falls out when I sit it down. BTW your black cat's coat is sooooo silky & gorgeously black!!!
  13. In the UK it is safest to keep bags zipped up.
  14. nearly always open - I like the look better that way :yes:
  15. Mine are always open... even after I had my phone stolen out of the front pocket of my Work, I still leave it open, but try to be more careful now :P