Zippers & Fabric on Spiaggia

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  1. Has anyone noticed that the zippers are sooo much better on the Spiaggia bag as compared to the adios/pirata/amore bags? :love: They're super smooth and easy to open AND close! :graucho:

    Also the fabric is so much softer it reminds me of the feel of the playground print bags. Is this all in my head or has anyone else noticed it too :shrugs:
  2. Hmm, I didn't really notice any difference but then again I had the stellina so the zipper is not as long.
  3. lol...I started feeling my playground bag when I first read it and laughed when you compared it! I can't wait to see/feel the Spiaggia IRL
  4. :lol: feeling your playground bag!! The playground bag has a softer feel though than the rest of the toki bags at least IMO! Spiaggia has that same soft feel! :graucho: When you get your bag, you've got to let me know!

    Blackwidow - When you get your BV check out the zipper :yes:
  5. I just compared it to my Foresta and it is much I don't know how long I can wait for a at least has to be until it's at Macys or
  6. Oh no, you don't even have one on the way :sad:
    It'll probably be like 2 weeks or so...hopefully less though! :sweatdrop: But you know what I mean about it being softer? I'm not :nuts: , am I? :shrugs:
  7. LMAO TokiliciousJenY .. I thought I was imagining things yesterday when I took my bag out of the box. It did seem softer especially because I noticed it was a little more wrinkly than when i took my l'amore zucca out of the box last week. Ditto with the zipper .. seemed to open much smoother.
  8. Ok, now you got me off my butt to go look at my bags. Hmm, you may be right there is a slight difference in the texture of the bags. Although I thought maybe this difference was due to them being giocos. Since the last three prints (adios, pirata and amore) are what I have this bag style in.
  9. Thanks for sharing and making me realize I'm not totally :nuts: at least not yet anyway!! :graucho: This bag has the quality we should expect for the price we pay. :love: I wonder if they made the other prints at different factories :shrugs:
  10. LMAO, you are hilarious! Now I really can't wait until the stores get them in.
  11. LOL really observant with our bags, are we? now i'm even more excited for when spiaggia comes out so i can feel the softness of it, haha!
  12. I don't want to wait, but I can't pass up my discount! You're not crazy at actually helped rekindle my love for my playground BV
  13. I was thinking that same thing when I got my Zucca yesterday. It's pretty soft!
  14. Yeah, I feel that the playground material is softer than other bags that I have own & the zipper run smoothly compared to my pirata bags.
  15. OK, I thought it was just me who noticed the Amore zippers kinda sucked. I guess it wasn't just me. I can't wait to feel the Spiaggia ones...haha, that sounds funny.