zippered UGGS vs. classic UGGs

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  1. do both styles similarly run larger? i heard the zippered UGGs run true to size.

    normally, i wear size 8.5. i'm wondering if i should do size 8 or 9 in a zippered UGG.

    your responses are appreciated! :smile:
  2. I have a pair of zippered uggs. I normally wear a size 8 but I got it in 7. It still feels a little big.
  3. get them from Zappos, then you can return for free if they don't fit. They also ship free overnight!! I have found different style ugg boots do fit differently. My classics run 1 size large. My raniers run true to size. I just ordered Rina and they told me to size up 1/2 size and they were huge, so I returned and sized down like classic and they are perfect. I have never tried zippered Uggs...
  4. the zipper on my uggs broke :sad:

    I can't really explain what happened but a section of the plastic teeth separated from the boot and now its REALLY difficult to zip them :sad:

    I'm so sad! I feel like the zippered uggs are warmer because they hug the leg better
  5. I'm 9-9.5 and wear 8 in classics....I'd need 9 for the zippered ones.
  6. i have the ultimates and the classics and im one size down from what i usually am..hope that helps!
  7. The Classic Uggs run one size big, IMO. I am not too sure about the zippered ones. I have never tried them.