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  1. Hello all!

    I just purchased a Brighton Blue 35 Clemence with palladium...and it is so yummy!

    I purchased this bag myself from my Hermes store (Atlanta) about 3 hours from me - can't wait til Charlotte opens - that is only 2 hours. So there is no question that it is the real deal but But here is my question....I was just looking at the interior today and at the end of the zipper it does not have the "H" clasp, strange, huh?

    but my Raisin Birkin 35 has a little "H" clasp and I bought that earlier this year - Thoughts from the group? Any one else encounter this? Was there a change?

    Best - Rozzienc
  2. congrats Rozzie! Don't worry about the zipper......I had the same question, but it just seems some bags do and some don't.
  3. Oooh congrats! Love that color....use it well!
  4. Thanks Ladies...I actually really want a Blue this is a compromise since I haven't been able to get my hands on one yet! It is beautiful!