Zipper trouble on my Pirata

  1. Ok, you are probably not going to believe this...I am standing in line waiting to check out in Target. The cashier starts ringing me up and I put my purse up on the ledge, getting ready to take my wallet out and MY ZIPPER IS STUCK..... I am like, this is not happening AGAIN....yes, folks this happened to me TWICE before.:cursing: Now the seam is also coming loose. Keep in mind I rarely carry this bag...

    What gives with the zipper on my Pirata?:confused1:
  2. Was the zipper itself stuck, or was it caught on the fabric? If it was the former, usually a tiny dab of olive oil will fix it.

    Which bag is it?
  3. omg, i have the exact same problem. i used my pirata bambino twice so far and the zipper gives me a hard time, also i see lots of threads coming off. i hope it won't break.

    hope it's not a defect :cry:
  4. I've had issues with both the Pirata Zipper and Amore Zipper. I've been able to permanently (at least so far) fix it by rubbing a little WD-40 between my fingers and gliding my fingers across the zipper teeth. I use my fingers to apply to avoid WD-40 getting on the fabric of the bag. It's worked great for me, so it may be worth a try.
  5. Lucky Mango - yah try the WD-40 like angelic*ruin said and hopefully it works for you too.
    I find that the zipper on my pirata gioco didn't pull smoothly when I first got it but now with more use it's a little better now.

    djr - eek!! sorry to hear about those threads coming off! on my gioco I have some of the yellow stitching on the leather parts undoing themselves :sad:
  6. Try rubbing candle along the zipper. this should make the zipper runs smoother. I just got my Familigia stellina today and I noticed that the zipper is a bit tight so I just got a candle stick and run it along the zipper. I have used this previously in another stellina I got a year ago. they are now working fine!
    Use a white candle, but I just use a pink one with no problem. just run it lightly for a few time until you like the way the zip works!
  7. first day i received my pirata gioco, i noticed the same problem (stiff zipper on the front pocket). like puteri suggested, i tried running a white candle along the zipper a few times until the zip runs smooth. so far so good.

    hmm... sounds like pirata has got worse quality checks as compared to other prints.
  8. Not caught on fabric, just stuck- it was my campeggio :sad:
  9. OMG, mine is fraying too....I can't believe it:cursing:
  10. I am going to try...thx:smile:
  11. this is too you think we can do anything about it..prob not, huh:confused1:
  12. i guess i'm not the only one with this problem.
    as much as i love my pirata bambino, i hesitate to use
    due to the fraying. Plus it irks me cause i tend to stare and
    it. Hahaha, i'm just particular when it comes to bags that cost over $100.
    You'd think it would be more durable after being gently used twice.
  13. Same problem for me with my Pirata bambinone. It's the reason I don't use it that often...
  14. Yeah, I think the Pirata and Amore bags were made much more cheaply. Those are the 2 prints, I have the most problems with the zipper. I tried candle wax and my zipper was so stiff that didn't even help. It wasn't until using the WD-40 I was able to get it working well. Fortunately, I have not had any issues with my Pirata fraying, but I just have a Zucca & Denaro in that print. I sold my Bambino before I ever used it, partly because of the zipper issues.
  15. mine isn't too bad, although i think my paradiso's zipper goes much more smoothly.