Zipper Top Spy Bag

  1. Does or did they spy bag ever have a zipper top closure in addition to the fold-over change purse?
  2. there is a zip top hobo..BUT NOT in addition to the spy handle too
  3. If I can recall correctly some did have it. I seen it in a NM catalog. But i don't think it was all the colors.. only a select few. The April NM catalog featured a cream/brown one w/ a zipper top w/ a big tab pull. But I have not seen a spy w/ it IRL.

    There are a lot of fakes that have the zipper top though.

    Greendrv would know the answer for sure!!
  4. I see fake spys with the zipper top. But the true Fendi Spys that I've checked out don't have zippers.
  5. yes you're right I never seen true spies with a zipper.
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