zipper roll over and how it effect shoulder fit

  1. hi ladies, it took me a moment to figure this out as i read about different size ladies talking about how work bags and weekenders either fit on their shoulders or not, and mine never did...


    I bought a super soft used wonderful weekender and it has what i now refer to as "zipper roll over" This is when the leather is soft and broken in and the zipper sort of fall into the bag when left open. This gives you and extra inch or so in the handle room to fit over your shoulder!

    my softer more broken in bags will do this... and its great for me.. my arms tend to be muscular.
    hope this helps!

    ziproll.jpg zipstraight.jpg bkweek.jpg
  2. Wonderwoman arms, Toni! what are you doing to my resolve with pictures of 2 yummy bags in 1 day? arrgggghhhhh you make me want to go and max out all my credit cards!!!!!!!
    Great discovery - thanks for the info!!!
  3. thanks!!

    back to the gym! at least i have a bag to carry my gym stuff in!
  4. wow, whatta gorgeous weekender toni-girl, i know exactly what you're talking about new miss chocolate brown weekender is super slouchy too & it makes her so comfortable to carry :love:
  5. thanks AAA

    yes, its so strange, i never knew why everyone elses weekenders fit on them until i bought that lovely prebroken in soft 05, which i think might be my favorite bag at the moment! my magenta weekender has never been used, so it does not do the zipper roll yet!! but she will!!
  6. wow!!! i do love that chocolate weekender!!!

    i could eat it!
  7. here is another pic taken this morning of some sizes

    work , weekender and i threw a city in there too.
  8. toni I love your weekender:wtf: :wtf: ... and the city is beautiful too. Are they from 2005?
  9. yes the city is 05ss and the weekender is 05fw

    and thank!!:heart:
  10. The leather is amazing...I love your bags!!!:drool:
    Now this might be stupid to ask but what and how long does it take to "break" a bag ?
  11. awe, thanks toni-girl, she is pretty yummy, i have to admit :love:...she's an '05 bag too & was worn a few times by her original owner...i sold my ink weekender because the broken-in look works better on me since i'm so first i was worried that she was still too big on me, but i fell in love with the color & the leather & couldn't let go...also, the broken-in quality literally makes the bag look smaller than it really is ;)
  12. its totally not a stupid question!

    to break in a bag just means to use it a lot so it softens up with use.. some girls here use products like conditioners, but i truly believe if you just carry them a lot, they break in so nicely!! my magenta weekender is new, never used, and is very slouchy and soft already, but will get even more so if i carry it around with stuff in it over my shoulder.. im not sure how long it will take., a few months?
    .. my black work , which there is a pic of in another thread, is pretty stiff, and i carried it quite a bit, but i am real careful with it. maybe i need to loosen up a bit!!
  13. AAA!!! i was wondering about that!!! so the ink weekender is gone, replaced with the chocolate? good move!! thats chocolate weekender is TDF!

    and if its too big for you, just walk it over to my side of town!!!
  14. my husband wants to know if Balenciaga makes body bags...
    hmmm wonder what he has in mind!!!!
  15. lol :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: