Zipper question

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  1. Hi, not sure how to ask this w/o sounding stupid, :shame: but does anyone know how I can keep the zippers from completely unzipping all the way? I have the Paddington, and they don't come apart. However, my Paddington Capsule zippers do come apart. :shrugs:
  2. Ah, I know what you mean, not a stupid question at all!

    The zippers on my paddington do completely come apart sometimes - depends on how delicate I'm being trying to get into the bag :P

    I've found if I make sure that I have a large enough gap int he middle of the bag, where the two zippers start, then I don't push the zip all the way to the end for it to come apart. Not sure if you could stop them coming apart any other way though. Maybe superglue if you really really wanted them to stay put? :confused1:
  3. I don't really know how to explain this, I'll take picture later to show you. The simple in-destructive thing to do for me is to sew the ends of the zipper by hand. It's simple, all you need is needle and thread, sew right before the metal ends. This is probably a better option than using super glue, since the stitches can be removed easily and won't damage the bag.
  4. I've thought of superglue, but whenever I approach my bag with it, it starts screaming. :noggin: I really don't want to ruin such a beautiful bag with glue. Maybe I'll try the sewing thing. If not, I'll have to be "gentle" hehehe Thanks!

  5. ah, the sewing idea from laregina123 is a much better idea than superglue! :shame:
    The Ediths actually have the zips sewn together at the end :yes: They have a little piece of leather stitched over the end, looks really stylish. So stitching your paddy won't detract from the beauty at all.
  6. Got a picture. This is what I've done to prevent the zipper from completely unzipping. Very easy to do, hardly noticeable, and can be removed, all without damaging the purse.
    Guaranteed to work, ol' zipper head just stops there. ;)

  7. :yahoo: Fully understood! Will try soon. Thank you so much!
  8. Very off topic from the original question from wildorchids, but where did you find that thread? It matches so well....
  9. So happy I found this post!

    When I first got my Paddy, I thought--"the zipper is broken! and so is the other one? hmmm, this must be the way they are." I am going to get some thread right now and start stitching. Mine is an older bag ('06), maybe the newer ones have this zipper issue solved.
  10. Excellent Idea!!!! WOW
    It does match just perfect:nuts:
  11. that is such a good idea - and no - superglue is never a good idea!!!
  12. The zipper opening has never bothered me at all, swinging that big ol padlock over the opening always worked for me to close the bag. but sewing the end is a great idea. You can match the zipper colour at any habadashery store - there are literally thousands of colours out there.

    Cool idea
  13. I fortunately had the exact color in my tacky little box of sewing stuff and now the zippers are perfect.

    And I need the zippers--my bag does a tumbling act in the car from time to time, mind of its own.
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