Zipper Question

  1. if a bag on ebay has a riri zipper is it authentic or are they making fakes with them now also?

  2. all authentic MJs have either riri or lampo zippers. there are counterfeit MJs with riri zippers that are pointy. authentic riri zippers are rounded at the top.
  3. thanks. thats such a help!!
  4. I believe there are fakes with the lampo zippers as well...ugh
  5. ^^that's the counterfeiters for ya, always progressive *rolls eyes*
  6. When I sell bags from my collection on eBay I always get tons of questions about the zipper.

    I honestly think that the zipper is one of the last places to look on a bag when determining authenticity. The fakers are getting the zipper manufacturers right these days so the zipper definitely isn't a sure bet.
  7. what are some other things to look for?

  8. ^^Jennifer - Thank you for posting this website with MJ bags information. I didn't understand about the differences in zippers but now I do!!:yahoo: :yes: This was a very helpful site to a MJ novice!
  9. Yes that is a great guide. Just be aware that it may be a little out of date regarding the zippers. I recently (last week) saw MJ zip clutches in the MJ store with old style lampo zippers (no lightning bolt) but the guide states those should only be on a few older bags. I think using the guide along with asking women on here is the best way to authenticate.
  10. cmacmill is right, trained eyes beat a checklist any day of the week, especially since counterfeiters have access to the same guides we do. Send pics or an auction link to the folks here, and those who know MJ well will be able to spot a fake very well, often just by instinct. In fact, it's been shown that a gut reaction can be more accurate than a careful, deliberate study. :idea: