Zipper puller of the Veneta

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  1. Hi,everyone.I have two venetas.One in medium size in Chene color abd the zipper puller is like a little leather paddle.Another is large nero but i notice that the zipper puller is like a leather knot.Why are they different?? Because of the size or what?thanks in advance
  2. My older Venetas have a knot and the new ones have the little paddle. Same with my wallets. I'm not sure what year BV changed the zipper pull -- maybe 2009? 2010?
  3. The "older" version has zipper puller like a knot vs. a newer one like a paddle
  4. my experience is the thong knot wears better than the little leather paddle
    Veneta's are produced every year
    they are icon bags
    they stay in the stores until they are bought
    so even if you are buying in say 2013 you may be getting a bag that was made in 2010
    it is still brand new just older