Zipper pull...?

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  1. I got a bag from ebay and it looks good to me BUT the zipper kind of looks funny. Does anyone have a Mini sac HLthat could take a picture for me and show me the top of the zipper pull? cuz it doesnt look like my other LV zippers.

    and is there a stamp or anything on the leaf??

    I would post some pics but for some reason i cant dl to my laptop.
  2. Mini Sac Or Mini HL? My daughter has a Mini HL. Give me a few minutes. I'll post some pics for you.
  3. Mini sac HL =)
  4. Oh duh. Mini Sac HL, that's the one. Sorry. Long day....
  5. [​IMG]
  6. No stamp on leaf. Hope that helps.
  7. yeah it helps..but can you take a really really close pic of the pull? atleast a clear shot thanks!!!
  8. the bottom of the pull tab is not soft like the top correct..furry leather type.? LOL i dont know how to explain it
  9. I have a mini sac but my bro borrowed my camera so I can't take photos for you. My zipper pull is just like Michelle's. And yes, the bottom of the pull tab is made of furry leather. There is no stamp on the zipper pull except the little gold ring with the "LV" on it.
  10. I'm looking at the smallest detail where the zipper pull and "flip" back and forward. I know I'm being paranoid..but I bought it from ebay. from a 1st time seller. So feel my pain.