Zipper pull on my NEW Hudson came off!

  1. I just got a brand new Hudson that I've been lusting after. A week later I already have a problem with it! :cursing: I was closing the zipper part today and the zipper pull came right off. It just slipped right off the zipper head. I was horrified! I was able to slip it back in the loop on but I'm afraid it will fall off and I will lose it.

    Here's my dillemma. I got it as a Christmas gift from my sister who works at a department store in NYC (I'm in CA). I'm sure she bought it using her employee discount. Meaning I don't have a SA to go back to and complain. Should I use pliers and tighten the loop that holds the zipper pull? I would use cloth to cover the hardware so I don't scratch it. Or should I send it back to New York for them to repair and be without my bag for a while? Is there another option? I live in Sacramento. We don't have a Marc Jacobs store. We also don't have the department store the bag came from. The closest would be in San Francisco which is two hours away. I hate driving out there.

    Help! I am so annoyed that a $1300 bag has these issues. I have read other threads about the hardware rings on these striping bags coming loose. Maybe I shouldn't have persisted but I just love the bag.
  2. Did she buy it at dept store that has stores local to you? Perhaps she can give you the gift receipt so that you can bring it and have them repair it for you. Most dept stores are pretty good about this... if she's an employee, she could also call and give them a heads up before you bring it in. You should definitely not try to fix it yourself, you could end up damaging it more.

    Good luck to you, I'm sorry this happened!
  3. Thanks for your reply.
    Just in case I wasn't quite clear, my sis works at Saks in NYC. I live in Sacramento and the closest Saks is in San Francisco which is two hours away. The closest Marc Jacobs boutique is also in San Francisco. Maybe I should suck it up and drive there or just mail the bag but I guess I was hoping for a faster solution.
  4. i really don't think there is one, unfortunately :sad: the MJ boutique isn't going to be able to offer repair services, since you didn't purchase the bag from them. my guess is that Saks will want to just replace, but they may offer to repair. if you want to do it without getting your sister's help, you might just try calling saks in SF and seeing what they say. i'd suggest talking to jackie in handbags - she's really great & if anyone can help you, she will.

    HTH. the hudson is worth the wait...i love mine!!
  5. I am sorry to hear about your hudson. I wish you and her a speedy recovery.
  6. I thought I was the odd unlucky MJ buyer. There seem to be a run of poor quality issue type posts here all the sudden.

    When the leather on the bottom of my Stam hobo started rubbing off after barely a month's very gentle use, I was furious!! As you say, for a $1200 you expect it to wear like iron. I packed mine up, returned it to Saks and got a Gucci Amalfi instead. I figure why mess with the new kid on the block. I'll stick to Gucci and Prada instead.

    I still love the designs of his bags, but after my experience and reading these others lately, I think I'll relegate MJ to window shopping and save my money.
  7. lawchick, if you don't want to drive to San Francisco, send it back to your sister. She can get it fixed. If you decide not to keep it, then let her return it.
  8. I agree, I would return it to your sister in NYC and perhaps have her return it. I had a quality problem with my zip bowler from the striping line. I wish I could return it, but the MJ boutique's return policy is too strict. Instead I shipped it out there to have it fixed. Hopefully it will return to me in perfect condition. For 1200 bucks it better!!!
  9. Thanks for the advice guys. I was bad and tried to fix it myself with pliers. I am such a bad purse owner. It actually worked though!!! I'm happy again. Hopefully I won't have any more problems with this bag. I love it so much! I have noticed it gets quite a few looks. Most surprisingly from guys!
  10. Whew! glad to hear that it worked! next time, you could always try taking it to a shoe cobbler if you're afraid to do the handywork yourself.
  11. oh my gosh lawchick... pliers???!! haha. i'm so glad it worked out for you. the hudson is a beautiful bag.