Zipper pull issues

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  1. Just wondering if others have had issues with their zipper pulls getting stuck at a 90 degree angle? Have to fuss and jiggle one of mine often when I open or close to get it back straight. Zipper itself works fine, just the pull. I brought it in to my store in Nov and they said they can replace, but it will take weeks. This is my Speedy DE (2 years old) and it's the best bag for the rainy season in California, so I don't want to do without. So, anyone deal with this before/what did you do?
  2. Never happened to me but maybe you can use the bag in the “rainy season” and repair the zipper pull after the season is over? If the zipper works that’s the most important thing, as annoying as it may be to fuss with it. Did you show it to a repair specialist or just an SA? The repair specialist would have the ability to fix it without sending it out if it is all possible.
  3. Thanks for your input. I showed an SA only as they did not have a repair specialist on-site. I may ask when I next visit if there ever is one there as I know some TPF members have described having chipped zipper pulls replaced while they waited. If not, I was thinking of doing during the summer months.
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