Zipper Pull Broke?

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  1. As I was gently pulling the zipper tab on my Speedy it snapped off. Would there be any way I could fix it or get it repaired? This really sucks. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1459486157.333088.jpg
  2. It looks as though the metal piece connecting the zipper and the tab wore away due to age.
  3. They'll prob replace it- at a cost- I don't think they repair the metal piece.
  4. Take it in. I'm sure they'll sort that for you
  5. Just take it to Louis Vuitton. They are used to repair old Speedies. There is likely going to be a small fee but it will look great!

  6. Thank you very much, guys.
  7. Like Fabuleux said, just take it into your closest store and they can often repair the zipper pull on the spot (depending on how busy they are) since this is both a common and easy to fix request.
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