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  1. I have an authentic LV Keepall 55 that is about 10 years old. One of the zipper pulls doesn't work as smoothly as the other. Does anyone have any suggestions on a product that might help? The zipper works it just doesn't work as well as the other side!
  2. I am just guessing but maybe you can trying using the lubricant of some sort. Or maybe something got cought in the zipper pull?
  3. Yes, Rub It With A Candle
  4. If you can not find away to make it better call 1866.
  5. Just take it to the nearest LV store, they should be able to help you. It's advised not to tamper with products yourself.
  6. This is quite an old thread that was resurrected. :weird:

  7. Nice try MarcjacobsAmy :rolleyes:
Thread Status:
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