Zipper Problems

  1. I know this has been discussed before. I did a search....but.....

    My boyfriend just bought me the Tivoli PM for Christmas!!! :yahoo:I love it!!! However, the zipper is a little stiff. I feel like I pull so hard that the charm and chain will just come off (yes, I know it wont and it sounds a bit exaggerated, but I dont want to ruin it!!)....anyways many of you have said to use:

    the lead of a pencil
    wax paper
    bee's wax
    candle wax

    What was the most effective without ruining the bag? I would really like to hear from people who have tried these things - not just from what they heard. Anyone try any of these on the Tivoli PM specifically?

    Thanks in advance! :smile:
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  3. I'd ask at the store, actually, since the bag is new. I think a lot of people use those remedies on their older bags.
  4. don't worry hon, give the zipper and vachetta time, they'll fall into place.
  5. my friend said her tivoli's zipper is same as yours.

    my mini lin marina and keepall are not smooth also.
    I will try candle wax.
  6. Thank you so much everyone!
  7. Just give it some time~~~

  8. I agree with LVBabyDoll :tup:

    DO NOT even TRY THESE on NEW BAG!!

    go back the store to get fix for you

    I have Mono Rivetting stiff zipper and back to store to get fix now less stiff
    I am thinking wanna back to the store again to get smoooooootttheeerrr running zipper :yes:
  9. take it back and see if they can do something about it
  10. I have let go of many potential purchases due to a bad zipper. Michael kors bags are the worst (they look beautiful and the zipper never works for me). LV bags seem to have great zippers though. I'd take it back to the store to see what's up.
  11. My SA recommend me to use candle wax to rub on the zipper,which works quite ok.Make sure you use colorless candle so that you don't need to worry about the color transfer issue.Hope this helps
  12. I use something called silisol. It's a silicon spray. It works like a charm
  13. I agree with LVbabydoll and Crazy LV.

    if I were you, I would NOT DO ANYTHING. If you bring it to the boutique, I'd think they'd say the same thing because *IF* any damage is done on the bag, LV does not want to be responsible for causing it. Besides, after a few uses, the zipper will get loose and become easier to use.
    However, if you must, I'd probably go for a WHITE candle wax...
  14. I had same problem with keepall but after some time zipper become easy to use...
  15. My Tivoli is the same. I have no intentions of doing anything to adjust it. It seems to me that it just needs to be broken in. The valchetta near the zipper is rather stiff and over time I am expecting all will soften a bit.