zipper problem w/my blondie

  1. I own a white authentic gucci blondie. It was bought brand new from a non-authorized Gucci retailer. I know the bag is authentic. 100%. After a couple of moths of storage and some wearing the ENGRAVED Gucci zipper started to turn black or rusted, whatever you want to call it. Can I have them replace the zipper? How does it work? Do they charge you? Do I have to go to a Gucci boutique for that? Please help!!! Additionally, I made the stupid mistake of trying to clean the bag w/Coach leather cleaner, thank God I applied it to a small are (back of handbag) that area it shows a little fading, Can I have them clean the bag as well?

    :sad: :upsidedown:
  2. Can you post pictures of the fading. I just put leather cleaner on my Blondie and I want to make sure it doesn't do the same thing. Back to your Blondie yes you can go to Gucci and have them repair your zipper. I just did the same thing last week and it cost about 75 dollars. They had put a new one on.
  3. can you post some photos of the bag so we can see what you mean (?) :shrugs:...and can you tell us who the non-authorized retailer is (?) all sounds a little suspicious to me for a new bag :sad:
  4. oh, yes, would you be able to post photos of what's happened please???? i'm kinda worried too as i have an authentic white blondie bowler too and would hate if the same thing happened to me....yikes!!!! yeah, and who did you buy it from as they s/h made sure to mention that slight flaw to you before you bought it....

    Lady1, did you have to present the bag's receipt in order for Gucci to repair it????
  5. Good question booyah, that is exactly one of the reasons I was asking before I was afraid they won't fix it if I admit it was not bought thru an authorized retailer. it was bought at will post pictures tonight. I'm not home now.
  6. I agree with you aaa sounds wierd.
  7. okay, Hm, we'll just have to take a look at it when you can post pics later on today/tomorrow. it's just that i had my wallet repaired by Fendi a few weeks ago and they fixed it but requested that i bring the receipt with me (and i bought the wallet back in 2002). so i firgured Gucci would have the same policy.
  8. No, I didn't need a receipt. They just had to look at the bag make sure it was real before they sent it to get repaired. I got it back the next week and it looks brand spanking new! I love love love it. When I first got it in the mail from the ebay seller I was pretty dissapointed at it's condition but after a little leather conditioner, a new zipper, and a new GG hardware. I must admit I'm in love!:love:
  9. I don't want to go there and put myself in some kind of embarrasing situation with Gucci staff, let's see what do you girls think once I post the pics. tonight.
  10. yikes, sweetie, is listed on TPF as a fake bag seller :crybaby:...please check the thread below from may '06 :sad:
  11. :Push: oh no.....
  12. again, that bag can't be fake. It is amazing. Where do they find those bags?The bag is beautiful.I can't wait to get home to post pics.
  13. darlin', i hope we're wrong, but fakers have gotten really good :crybaby:...lots of us girls on TPF have been fooled by them :sad:
  14. yes, ITA w/ bama-girl....sellers have gotten so good these days that they can even produce and generate genuine-looking receipts from authorized retailers even though the bag is a fake...
  15. this is insane. pardon my ignorance. What's TPF?, btw, how do you insert the emoticons on your replies?
    I'm so sad, I can't belive I sold an authentic purple blondie I bought at Neimans to buy the white blondie from least I have some hope, I'm invited to the GUCCI private sale on NM last call next Sept. 14. I hope I find something good. I'm VIP at NM last call. One number of the list girls love me since I spend some $$$ on Chanel bags almost every month. At least those are not fake or are they? my god!