Zipper problem on Cannage zip hobo

  1. I just received the Dior Cannage small zip hobo I ordered from eLux. When I opened the bag, the zipper pull came off of the zipper itself. Like how you unzip a jacket all the way down. Does this happen on Dior's? I was able to put it back on and zip it close without a problem but was wondering if this is typical of Dior bags. This is my first Dior and I got it on sale. I believe it is now out of stock so I can't exchange. It seems to be working okay now.
  2. No this isn't usual, sounds like a fault :sad:

    Maybe a bag repairer could help out, appears it could be a problem with the stopper part at the end?
  3. I recently looked at a Cannage Hobo on sale at Saks in Las Vegas, and the zipper on it was exactly as you describe. I mentioned to the SA that I didn't like a zipper that came off and she said that they were all like that.
  4. If that is the case then I am extremely surprised that a brand such as dior would manufacture a bag where the zipper pull comes off in your hand, never had that problem with any bag I have purchased from dior.

    The zipper isn't supposed to be able to go any further than the two silver bits at the end of the bag, I can only assume those bits are too small to stop the zipper which should have been picked up in the manufacturing quality control process :wtf:

  5. Interestingly enough, maybe it is suppose to come off because the zippered opening is small for this size bag. The dimensions of the bag is 12.5 x 7 but the top opening is approx 9". I will however be returning it because I just noticed today that the white leather all around the top is yellow. I am so disappointed, this was to be my first Dior bag and I love the white color. Also I am surprised with eLux not noticing the yellowing before it was shipped. In addition, I have been less than pleased with CS, they still have not contacted me regarding my request for PA from the sale this past Tuesday. I have been waiting for them to call all week. I was told they were waiting for the merchandising group to reply whatever that means.
  6. When I looked at the Cannage at Saks, the zipper separated at the end, like a zipper on a jacket. It did not come off in my hand, it just separated. The Chloe Paddingtons unzip the same way. I don't really like the zippers to do that as it is a pain to reconnect them all the time, but I also believe that they make them that way when the openings on the bag are rather small. When the zipper separates at the end it makes the opening larger!
  7. Wow I didn't know Eluxury was like this. Maybe your bag was refunded originally.
  8. The bag did not go out of stock after my purchase so it wasn't the last one left like it was an unwanted return or something. It's just my luck I would be the one to get the defective one!