Zipper on the City

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  1. Hey! I'm looking at the city in black and seem to have noticed that the zipper can come in a goldfish color or a more silvery color? Is that right? Thanks 😄
  2. The color of the zipper will depend on the color of the hardware on the bag. There are several different hardware colors that can be present on Balenciaga bags.
  3. I am referring to the RH, is it normal to see some zippers more silver, than brass? I was in BG today and saw a gorgeous black city RH, and the zipper looked not so brassy..if that makes sense?
  4. Okay, I see. Generally, in my opinion, the brass zippers on the RH bags look brassy. However, some of that could depend on the lighting, or perhaps the age of the bag (and hardware). But the hardware should look like brass.
  5. I bought City G21 Silver bag and the zipper has slightly goldish undertone :shame:

    You can see it only in specific light.

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  6. Heres a photo from Bergdorf…doesn't this look odd?

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  7. It's hard to tell from the lighting in the photo, but it looks like brass to me. At least the hardware and the zipper pulls do. But if you are hesitant to buy because the way the color looks to you, perhaps they would have another bag in the same color and hardware combo that would look more how you would anticipate it to look?
  8. Here is a better photo. It's the only one they have.

    I attached a second one, that is the zipper on the black weekender. You can see the difference.

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  9. I definitely see the difference. Maybe someone else here can chime in as to why there may be such a difference. I only have a few RH bags, and I think they have a tendency to look more like the second photo, but maybe the less-brassy bag is older or newer and that accounts for the difference? Hopefully someone else here will be more knowledgeable about this and give you some better advice!
  10. Thanks. Hoping someone will have an answer :smile: