Zipper on my Luna

  1. I just noticed that my zipper on the main opening of my Camo Olive Luna is actually black plastic. The pull is the correct Toki pull but I am wondering if this is why it was sent to Loehmann's to be sold... I got a great deal on it, but I just thought it was weird!
  2. They're all like that on the playground print even on the tan playground!! Don't worry, it's authentic!! :graucho:
  3. Oh that's good to know! I just figured it was busted and fixed and sent to an outlet-type store. How odd that the zipper would be different like that! :smile:

    On another note, I think my Loehmann's may have received a few more toki items in, because the last time I was there, they were completely out of toki, and this time they had a Citta Rosa Trenino which I REaLLY wanted to buy and three Citta Scuolas. They also had some of The O.C. bags, and a silver metallic/holographic handbag and some other regular print bags....a LOT more than before!
  4. It is pretty weird that the zipper head is black on those prints. But it's definitely not second hand or refurbished b/c they're all like that!!

    I wonder if the CA loehmanns got any new toki in. Has anyone been there lately? :graucho:
  5. As of Saturday, the Beverly Hills Loehmann's only had Arancia (w/out Qees... boo!) but I have seen Citta and Citta Rosa there in the past. I'll probably be going up there tomorrow or the day after to check it out so I'll let you know!
  6. I forgot about the Arancia - they had a Zucca and a BV, which I am fairly sure have been there the whole time. I always forget about them!