zipper on Coach bag supposed to come undone?

  1. Hi girls! This is the first time I'm posting in the Coach forum. I recently purchased a tan Coach suede signature tote with silver bugle beads at a Coach outlet. I love the bag, but I think the zipper is broken. It comes undone all the way and its difficult to zip when its not undone. I was going to bring it to a Coach retail store to see if the could fix it, but my boyfriend looked at it and he said it was supposed to come undone, like a jacket zipper. Is he right? I'm not too familiar with Coach and I've never seen a zipper on a bag that came all the way undone on purpose, so I figured I'd ask here before making the trip to the Coach store. Thanks!
  2. most of mine come all the way undone, like a jacket zipper...a few styles don't (like my baby bag). but is it just that it's hard to zip, or that you don't like it to unzip all the way?
  3. I have never had any handbag where the zipper came all the way undone like that. I don't know. Maybe call Coach customer service and ask about it.
  4. I have 2 Coach handbags where the zippers come all the way undone.
  5. OK, cool, at least I'm not the only one. Well, At first I thought the zipper was just hard to zip, but then I noticed it started coming all the way undone, so I thought it was just completly broken, but I guess that's just the style. I'll call Coach tomorrow, but I figured you girls would know. Thanks for all the quick responses!
  6. A lot of the tote styles have the jacket zippers.....or the dog leash clip.
  7. could you take a picture of exactly what you're talking about?
  8. It sounds like you have a bag with the jacket zipper. It should be that way.
  9. I think I know what your talking about. I have two Coach bags that do that, and when I was looking at the Legacy Leather Satchel at Coach, I noticed that it came undone all the way. I ask the SA if it was supposed to be like that just to make sure and she said yes.
  10. what is the code number on the interior patch?
  11. It's completely normal! It's called a drop zipper :smile: It's exactly like a jacket zipper.
  12. Yes, and I love that feature! I think all bags should be that way!
  13. I like that zipper!!! I usually don't zipp it up unless I'm traveling through airport security...and then I do just so it holds my stuff in the bag better. I have a ton of bags like this.
  14. I just spoke with Coach CS and they said that was a normal feature of the bag. Interesting! I don't have an item number, but all the eBay auctions of the bag say 10442 if that means anything to anyone. I don't have a digi cam, so no pics :o(
  15. Signature Suede Beaded Tote - I think it's called. It's a nice deep bag - I havent bothered to zip it. (The 2 times I've used it.)