Zipper Mouth is too tight!!

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  1. I love Tokidoki bags, but my one complaint is that the zipper mouth is too small on some of the bags. Like on the Campeggio, the bag can hold so much more, but the zipper just won't open enough.

    I think that's why I prefer the avventura, because I can put as much stuff into it as possible.

    Does anyone else feel this way about some of the other styles (I noticed it on some purses, therefore I didn't buy them)

    I really think the designer should hear feedback about the products!
  2. The Stellina is that way for me. I have a Tan PG Campeggio that I use and I can see how it might seem too small for someone, but I haven't had any problems with that bag, just the smaller Stellina style bags. Oh, and the Bambino bag is the same problem.
  3. Isn't the zipper on a bambino wider than the bottom of the purse? That has been my problem with the bambinone, I always think it will hold more than it does.

    My other problem with the bambinone is that the hardware on either end of the zipper/where the strap meets the bag is too heavy. When you have your bag set down and are trying to dig through it, it's a fight to keep it opening because the hardware weighs either end of the zipper down and keeps it shut. So frustrating! And I love the Spiaggia placement on mine, but it's just so frustrating!