Zipper Issue

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  1. I bought a Adios Star Stellina last month. And I love it so much. But I noticed that after a few uses the zipper started to jam/get stuck.

    Its only when I zip it up completely to the end. And it doesn't look like its lose any teeth. I'm wondering if others have had this problem and know of a way to fix it?

    I try to be more cautious and not zip it up completely so it won't stuck but when it does happen I struggle with it to get it open. Thank you!
  2. Oh wow I haven't had that exact problem but I noticed on my campeggio that recently when I zip it open all the way that when I go to close the zipper it won't move. I have to jiggle it a little and then I can pull it closed.
  3. I haven't tried to jiggle it, I just try to pull it really hard and I'm afraid it will break. I will try your jiggle method. Thanks ^_^
  4. Do you think that by somhow lubricating the zipper with soap or some type of wax that they would slide smoother...My stellinas stick like that
  5. i think i heard that if your zipper isn't working well to rub some candle wax on the teeth just to smooth it up. like just rub a candle on the teeth. i never tried it but have been meaning to on a gap sweater i have.
  6. my ciao did that occasionally, and my dolce does that sometimes too. i don't have a solution, but maybe the ones others mentioned will work.
  7. i have a problem with the zipper on my bella too. the zipper gets caught on the lining inside the bag and it gets stuck. its hard to get it out and im always scared ill rip the lining. other than that i think the coloured teeeth on my zucca is fadding/wearing off the colored zipper teeth i dont know if anyone else is experiencing the same thing? i barely use my zucca and when i do i do not use the zippers i leave it open.
  8. wow you know we're all having small problems with our bags now ... and yet we keep buying more ...

    this is bad .. :Push:
  9. That same thing happens to my black 1st gen bambino. I've gotten the zipper caught on the lining many times.
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