zipper issue

  1. Hey ladies, I thought I'd consult with you all on how to make a zipper run smoother. The zipper on my new Tokidoki is getting on my nerves.. there's nothing really wrong with it.. the teeth are in tact, but it doesn't run as smooth as the others or any other zipper on any of my bags or clothes.. :confused1: is there a remedy to the issue? I really hope so..:hysteric:thanks in advance!!
  2. Isn't there some thing about rubbing wax on a zipper to make it smoother... or something like that?
  3. ^^ I've never had the chance to try it myself, but rubbing the zipper with a candle is supposed to make it run smoother.
  4. ^^^That's what I've heard and read too, but haven't tried it. If you do, let us know how it works.
  5. My grandma swears by it :yes:
  6. ^^^ I've heard it as well, but never tried it!
  7. I used a clean unscented untinted chapstick on both of my Grysons's that had really tight zippers. Run it along both zipper sides (carefully without getting it on the lining, and then work that zipper!!! Takes a few back and forths and a few applications but it works for me.
  8. (source: 3/2007 issue of InStyle magazine - US edition)
    How to Care for...Your Handbag
    Keep your favorite (and most functional) accessory in tip-top shape with these easy tips from the experts

    Keep these fasteners working smoothly by running a piece of natural beeswax (found in hardware stores) over a zipper's open teeth.
  9. My mom swears by it
  10. I did it before and it worked but you just have to clean up the mess afterwards