Zipper Issue-Please Help

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  1. I just got a new Tokidoki and realized the zipper does not glide across as it should, it gets kind of stuck in the middle. Has anyone had this problem, and resolved it. Any advice would be appreciated. THANKS!!!!
  2. ozbaby, so it is stuck in the middle ?
    Usually I will run a candle across the zipper to make it glides smoothly.
  3. Ohhhh, I will try that right now. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks!!
  4. Also, someone suggested on another thread this weekend using WD-40. I tried it last night and it worked even better than candle wax or soap.

    What I did was squirt some into a paper towel first, then rub 2 fingers in it and then, using my fingers I rubbed it into the zipper teeth. That way I ensured no oil leaked onto the bag. It works REALLY well!:tup:
  5. ah so the WD-40 does work? I'm going to put that on my toki zippers too!
  6. Yes! It worked great although I had to be meticulous so as not to get any on my bag, which was why I didn't apply it directly from the can to the zipper. The Amore and Pirata bags are the pits for hard-to-pull zippers. Thanks for the suggestion yesterday!:tup:
  7. Thanks so much, I used the WD40 and it worked great. My Lamore Stellina is back in working order!:yahoo: