Zipper issue on my new Fendi tote

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  1. OK, this may be a really simple issue to resolve so I thought I'd run it past you ladies. I bought a Fendi tote last week at Saks but the zipper only zips closed easily about 3/4 of the way. Then it gets kinda stuck. I checked and there is no thread stuck or anything. Is there any easy way to try to loosen up a zipper without ris of ruining the purse?

    If not, obviously, I should take it in to exchange. It's just that Saks is an hour away from me and I didn't feel like driving out there just to exchange the purse. Of course, if I just HAD to go to Saks......:yes:
  2. I would exchange it now, I would hate to have problems later on and the zipper is stuck/breaks/etc...
  3. i agree. it sounds defective, and i would just get a different one rather than try and fix it now and risk it just becoming worse later on, once you've used it and they won't exchange it anymore.
  4. if the store agree to exchange it with the new one.. good for you.. if not, better fixed it asap...
  5. You can also try some Teflon lubricant spray, found at a hardware store. I have used this before. I spray into a cup and apply lightly to the open zipper teeth with a paintbrush. Let dry and see if that makes a difference.
  6. Excellent, thanks. I will try this first. I ended up calling the store yesterday and they said they were sold out of my bag. I asked what my options were and they said that I could return it or else have them send it in for repair. My thing is, if it actually needs repair, shouldn't they be finding me a new bag ASAP rather than having a bag that i have never used, repaired.

    I do like my bag so I really don't want to have to return it, but if I must, I must.....Anyway, I will try the teflon lubricant tomorrow
  7. ^ If it does go in for repair, and I'm assuming it will be sent to Fendi, they should give you some compensation for that. You paid for a new bag, not a factory second.
  8. I would return and get a better one.