Zipper in vintage Kellys?

  1. I am looking at what is being advertised as a vintage Kelly. I asked the seller for pics of the interior of the bag, particularly the zipper. Seller came back and said there is no zipper. Has there been a time when Kellys didn't have zippers and if yes, how old would that bag be?
    The bag in question: eBay: Hermes Handtasche Schultertasche (Artikel 230026272587 endet 16.09.06 22:29:56 MESZ)

  2. Hey C,

    Hermesgroupie will be able to tell you for sure, but I think there are vinyage Kellys without an interior zipper. Highly ironic, since the Hermes family began their success by bringing the patent for the zipper to Europe!
  3. you have pic of the interior? And do you have pics of the underside of the straps where markings might be?

    In the 50's and I THINK early 60's there was no zipper on the inside pocket.
  4. D & K, the seller said she'd post more pics of the interior and I'll ask for strap pics too. The bidders who have bid on it are collectors, that much I know.
    I had seen another vintage (the black and white one if you remember) from 1965, that did have a zipper. So it would be pre-1965.
    If I have more pics I'll share them with you! Thanks!
  5. Also have them post close ups of the handle. You don't want any cracking of the leather. No doubt this is an oldie....Navy or Black?
  6. strap you mean shoulder strap? No shoulder straps until recently.....

    I agree with D, the handle is an important thing to check on a vintage Kelly.
  7. Navy.
  8. K, I mean the closing straps where the blindstamp would be. Sorry I wasn't clear.
  9. ahhh, cool!
  10. Correct, but I lean towards the 1950's.
  11. Correction! Hello, I just realized you posted a link. The Hermes, Paris stamp puts this bag between 1959 and 1970. Before 1959 (still researching this so I'm not 100% sure about the exact year), the stamp read Hermes, 24 Faubourg, St. Honore. After 1970 we have the current Hermes, Paris, made in France stamp.
  12. That is interesting HG!!! Thank you very much! I just love doing research on these old ladies! Thanks for being such a great help! In the meantime I have seen some other oldies posted (interesting, all indigo souplees) and I will come back to this later as I have seen another one without a zipper which according to the blindstamp would be 1969 IIRC.
  13. So, this is odd. I have the listings here on two vintage Kellys, both definitely pre 1970, the one with the blindstamp Z (without anything), making it 1969, WITHOUT a zipper eBay: ***~ULTIMATE CLASSIC~100% Auth HERMES 28cm KELLY~NR~*** (Artikel 280024396750 endet 10.09.06 19:15:29 MESZ)
    and another one, which the seller states is from 1965, WITH a zipper.
    eBay: Sac HERMES KELLY vintage, 32 cm, coloris rarissime (Artikel 230022152324 endet 03.09.06 18:27:37 MESZ)
    This puzzles me. Am I seeing ghosts?
  14. Normal variants
  15. LOL, thank you HG! Sometimes my thinking is too German and not enough French ;)!