Zipper engraving - pictures or info anyone?

  1. I am curious about the GUCCI engraved on the back of the metal on zippers. I have a Gucci bag that has an interior pocket with a metal zipper. On the back of the zipper is GUCCI. The G is almost connected whereas it looks more like an O.

    Does anybody have this? Or is this a signal of a fake? All of the normal signs of fake are not there - the leather and fabric look good, the font on the serial number looks good. Dustbag looks good, even has the same stitching as one pictured on this site as an authentic dustbag.

    If you have any photos of the back of the zipper to post that would be great.
  2. Can you clarify? All my zippers have a leather zipper pull?
  3. Are you talking about the metal part that is facing inside? Not the pull, right? Can you take a picture and show us?
  4. Yes, it is the metal back of the zipper that I am talking about. The zipper has a leather pull. I can't take a picture, because to see the back of the zipper I had to put a mirror in the pocket. It just looks like the G is almost connected, which seems odd. However, I have seen hardware on bags in the Gucci boutique that is bad, so I'm confused. Thanks for your help!
  5. This is from one of my bags. Hope this helps.