Zipped Compact Wallet

  1. Hi Everyone I am looking for a wallet to use in my small/medium bags. What do you think of the zipped compact wallet in monogram. many thanks!
  2. I'm using the perfo version of this wallet, and it's my first time not using a long wallet. The only beef I have with it is that it's still very stiff, so opening the fold to access my bills is a little irritating to me. There are also 6 CC slots, but I usually double them up. I realize I'll need a zippy wallet one day though as I have so many things to stuff inside.
  3. Oh, and it's also a fat wallet.
  4. I have the Zipped Compact Wallet and I love it for use with my smaller bags. It's cute and easy to get into, in my opinion, especially for occassions in which you don't need a checkbook or all of your credit cards, just the essentials. (I also have the big Zippy Organizer too for my higher-maintenance days and travel.)
  5. I have the french purse and love it, it's pretty compact and flat. My next purchase is the zippy organizer!
  6. I have the perfo version and there are only 3 CC slots in it.:shrugs: Here are some pics.
    perfo1.jpg perfo2.jpg perfo3.jpg perfo4.jpg perfo5.jpg
  7. Oops, not only did I actually not check, I miscounted... I also call any card-fitting slot a CC slot, so I guess I'm wrong. It's the same as yours pictures. Ahhh

  8. Thanks for the pics! Your wallet is so lovely! I think I may have to get this in the mono. Does anyone have a pic of them holding it in their hand or next to a bag? Also is it really that hard to get the bills out? thanks everyone for your help:smile:
  9. It's not that hard, just not super easy in my opinion. I think it will be better once the wallet itself softens up, as mine is pretty new and stiff.
  10. ^^^Mine was a little stiff at first, but I've had it about six months now, and it has loosened up considerably... (This pic from elux.)[​IMG]
  11. this is a great wallet, i bought it 2 years back and no regrets! i like the fact that the coin compartment is by itself and with the snap button, it holds everything in place.