Zipped Clutches - Suggestions for Keeping Coin Pocket Clean?

  1. I know a lot of you have bought ZCs recently, and that there are some of you who collect them. I only have two and the first one I bought was previously used. In both my previously used ZC and my MJ billfold wallet (which I bought brand new many many yrs ago!), the coin pockets have gotten very dirty - let's face it, there really isn't anything dirtier than money, right???

    I kept the white protector in my billfold and it's help keep the backside of the coin pocket clean (the bottom and the front are another story, however!), but the coin pocket on my ZC has gotten pretty yucky looking. I notice that there's no protector (or paper card) inside the coin pocket of my new ZC (there are protectors in the cc slots which I leave in place).

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know of anything that might keep these pockets clean (or at least make them easier to clean if they get dirty)?? Maybe some kind of spray to use when the clutch is new to protect it??
  2. I recently got a zip clutch from a local consignment store. It was a bit dusty in the crevices so I took a old tooth brush and brushed the dust up and vacuumed it up with my keyboard vacuum. Any suggestions on how to make the zipper on the front zip up more smoothly?
  3. I've heard that a little bit of chapstick (or vaseline) helps this.