Zipped card holder

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  2. Can you use the find in store function? The pink is available at three locations in the US and the black at two and I believe people have been able to get in touch with stores and purchase over the phone. Both versions are readily available online and in stores in Europe.
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  3. The one I am looking for only comes in monogram/fuschia. It says not available in store near me unfortunately. I will go into my local store and see what they say.
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  4. I haven’t seen his particular card case since last year.
  5. Got it. That one does indeed seem very scarce, no stores have it in stock anywhere. Would you consider the other mono/fuschia one, M67889?
  6. There was a thread floating around saying that this item has been discontinued.
  7. 7D42FE49-A7A2-4136-9569-CCE74097EA01.png I can’t see the picture on the website, but if it is this one you mean, it has been discontinued, at least here in Europe.
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