Zipped Card Case

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  1. 6D18FED1-CEE9-4BDC-865A-C5DA22EFFBC9.jpeg 56A68A73-2750-44EB-B90E-F5AF6DD1D7AB.jpeg 516B401F-2855-43AC-A0F3-E8B1D29DCA13.jpeg
    I thought I’d share some pics of the perfection that is the new zipped card case. I had ordered the Taigarama Coin Card Case but when I compared them in store, I much preferred the Empreinte version. It’s not quite as long but holds more cards.

    Pics attached; I like it so much i will be getting the Rose Ballerine version as well once it becomes available.

    I know others felt it was too small but I disagree; it’s very close in size to an Empreinte Key Pouch, just a bit shorter and slimmer. It has a gusset so the zippered section is easy access.
  2. Thanks for the photos! I have no doubt it can fit a lot of cards, I just wish there were at least 3-4 card slots since I use a card holder as a wallet. I like to keep my ID and corporate credit card in 1 slot and then split my remaining personal credit and debit cards into 2 separate slots. Remaining lesser-used cards go in one big comparment. That way I don't have to file through a bunch of cards to look for the one I'm looking for.
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  3. B32EFECA-C867-4671-A646-EB386B7E6E55.jpeg 7848A0B0-3480-476C-B97D-D522DACC97D2.jpeg Comparison to Victorine wallet.
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  4. There are two pockets - one deep one that you can slide cards down into (holds 4 easily without being tight or bulgy) and then one behind that where cards can go into from the side. I’d use that one for a coat check/parking ticket or a receipt.

    This is too small to be my main wallet because I prefer not to fold bills in those, but is perfect for my smaller bags that I use for dinner or an event.
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  5. Yes, I see from your photos :smile: That's still not enough for me. It's a gorgeous card holder and I wish I could get it to work for me. I currently have a Chanel card holder that has a slot in front (ID + corporate card), two slots in back (two credit cards in one, credit+debit in the other) and one big compartment (membership cards, club cards). I can't deal with fewer than that!

    I never carry cash with me so a card holder is perfect as my every day wallet. I never have to switch wallets and I like the convenience (laziness LOL)
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  6. Do you have to put bills folded just in half or do you have fold bills into thirds or more?
  7. Canadian bills just barely fit folded in half, but if you were carrying a lot they wouldn’t. I’d probably fold in thirds to be sure they wouldn’t get caught in the zipper.

    When I carry a mini wallet I usually only stuff a couple of twenties in just in case, so I'm ok with folding in this one. I hate folding cash in my everyday wallet though.
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  8. I saw pictures of one in Mono with the hanging flower zipper pull like the Emilie wallet. Does anyone know anything about this one?
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  9. I saw the Mono one with vernis trim yesterday, but it had a normal zipper pull.
  10. 0AE9292E-B80F-4048-A159-FFC4B3AC7DBF.jpeg
    Just received mine today ;)
  11. That’s not a Zipped Coin Case - I thought Tallybellr meant the Mono version of the card case I bought. :smile:

    I was able to order the card case in Rose Ballerine today; I got a text from my SA saying that it’s now available. :loveeyes:
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  12. Not available as of yet in US. Only in Europe. US got the pink one :sad:
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