Zipped Bayswater - need opinions

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  1. Hi -- I am in need of advice. I am considering purchasing the the Zipped Bayswater in the Asphalt Silky Calf. This will be my first Mulberry and unfortunately I do not live near a store to see it in person. I would like to use as a tote, not a handbag, for work items, a carryon, etc. Can anyone tell me if it is a really heavy bag? Is the leather really stiff (like saffiano leather)? Any advice would be appreciated.

    My apologies if there is already a thread regarding this bag - I did a search and I find threads regarding the bayswater but I think this particular one is fairly new. Thanks!
  2. I have it in the medium size, with a strap. It's roomy, but if you need it for A4 papers etc, the larger size will be better. Mine is in the antique pink silky calf, and silky calf is imo lovelier than the grainy leather
    The bag is sturdy and will holds it's shape and I think a good buy for work.
    The bag is imo not that heavy, but every largish structured work bag in a decent leather will never come lightweight
  3. What about the small size, is it suitable for an everyday bag or is it more like a work bag? Is it bulky?

    I love the new lilac colour (which I've been waiting for so long!) and the zipped Bays is now available both in mini and small size and now I can't decide. The mini size is quite comparable to mini Cara I think, which is a good size for me. But on the other hand, it would be nice if my pocket book and iPad would fit in which leads to the small size.
  4. Thank you for your advice. There are times that I may want to throw my laptop in the bag, so the smaller would not work. The silky calf does look quite beautiful -- if I were to get the small, the antique pink silky calf would be my first choice as well. Decisions..decisions..
  5. The Zipped Bayswater now comes in mini size? Can you share where you've seen pictures? I couldn't find on USA website. Thank you!
  6. I have owned the small Zipped Bayswater in orange, but ended up selling it as I wasn't a fan of the black interior.

    The bag was a good everyday handbag size, but if I was using it for work, I'd probably need the larger size.

    I owned the pebbled leather version and can confirm the leather was stiff.

    I do hope to own another one someday good luck deciding!!
  7. Happy to be of help!
  8. I'm finding the small one to be too small.