Zipp Wallet

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  1. I have already talked to BV and they offered me to send it to italy to refurbish it and (maybe) sew in a new zipper...this will take 8 weeks and I expect to have the same result again after some weeks, so it does not make any sense.
    At the end it's only a wallet and nothing to be really frustrated about - but it's a lot of money for a 'vintage' piece ;)!
  2. I think the BV wallets are beautiful no doubt, but durable probably not if they are lambskin. But if they are calf or deer, then they will hold up better? I have a Gucci wallet that I guess I am now "married to" forever (I promise to love my wallets to the bitter end), it has no marks whatsoever on the leather only scratches to the hardware.
  3. My mother had a Gucci wallet for about 20 years and passed it on to me and it lasted an additional 10 until it fell apart but it was not a zip around. I have a BV wallet that is only maybe 2 years old but it is not a zip around and is wearing beautifully.