Zip Zip now at Dillards!

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  1. I stopped by and noticed a lot of new DB bags including the Zip Zip! Of course, I was immediately drawn to the green one so I snapped a couple pics with my phone and here they are!



    I didn't buy this bag but I can give you my first impressions of it. The first thing I noticed was how cute it was and how much bigger it is than I thought it would be. I opened it up and I love how wide the zipper opens up but not so much that all of your goodies would drop out the sides. Nothing like scratching your hands on a rough zipper to make you not want to use a bag. The leather was very soft and very pretty with the tan trim. Add the nice price tag and this is definitely on my need to buy list!

    And a little update: Still haven't purchased the Stanwich or any other bag for that matter! I'll get there, though!

  2. Very cute bag! Great spring green color. Thanks for sharing.
  3. Great pictures! Thank you!

    She is a very stylish bag indeed! :biggrin: I wish that the shoulder strap had its own rings instead of attaching to the handle rings. That is the only thing keeping me from ordering one ASAP!!

  4. I didn't realize that about the shoulder strap. I couldn't use it anyway thanks to my small, sloping shoulders.

    I forgot to mention that the colors they had were: bubble gum pink, Kelly green, caramel, marine, geranium, and white. The geranium was very bright. Marine looked more like navy to me.
  5. Hi DooneyD!

    Thanks for the pics! It's good to know it's bigger than it seems online. I'm with Sue when it comes to the strap. I wish it didn't attach to the handles. But I love double zippers!
  6. terrible wrinkle in the leather