Zip YKK on jumbo

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  1. Hi I'm a newbie with Chanel, and i had just gotten my first ever Chanel Jumbo beige double flap , year 2012 -Anyway, I was inspecting it and noticed that the zipper has a "YKK" marking. I was just curious if this is normal?
  2. I have a jumbo double flap from 2012, the only zipper I can find on the bag is the on the underside of the top flap.

    The zipper does not say YKK.
  3. This sounds weird. Did you have it authenticated?
  4. Yes !from Authenticate 4 you
  5. classis flap ep was shown
  6. Hello, yes Chanel classic flaps uses 'YKK' zipper, also 'EP'. Sometimes they use 'Lampo' as well.
  7. Yes! Mine says EP!
  8. Mine is EP, too from 2013.
  9. My medium large classic flap has YKK zipper too. I bought it last year from the boutique.
  10. No way!! I never thought to look at this--- how interesting!!
  11. #11 Apr 1, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2014
    Hum....mine is EP! I learned something new today!
  12. My jumbo has ep zipper.
  13. my double flap beige Jumbo also has ykk zipper ~ purchased by me at Neiman Marcus in 2011 or 2012
  14. I think this is another example that shows you can't follow an internet guide to what is supposed to show authenticity. It's many things all together, related to the age of the bag and type. Chanel has used many styles of zippers.