Zip Wallets!

  1. OMG there's a deep turqouise long zip wallet on eBay right now!! Amazing price too....$120! If I didn't have two of these coming I'd so get it! Someone please buy it!!
  2. I didn't know that the wallets were coming out in DT!
  3. It's soooo pretty!!
  4. yeah and blue is more neutral than OH! but I am totally satisfied with my BH wallet. seriously.
  5. That DT zip wallet went fast! :nuts: Well, for those who missed it, looks like Luna Boston will soon have long zip wallets in DT, OH, and iguana (red, wine and tan); they updated their pre-order page!
  6. To those who have the zip wallets, how are you liking the functionality? Do you think it has enough room? Is the haze leather softening/loosening?
  7. I have a black haze one coming from platinum trunk for 112 shipped! Totally wish I would have seen the ones on the bay though!!
  8. I have a new love. Its name is Dark Turquoise Long Zip Wallet.

    ETA: This is lust right now. I have no leads on one yet.
  9. About the wallets, I'm a little upset right now about the wallets I ordered. I placed my order last sunday (30th) with Codi. Two days later I emailed asking if they had been shipped and she said they had. Last night I got a confirmation email stating they had just been shipped out. So it took almost 10 days for the wallets to actually get packaged up and shipped, and now (since its coming by UPS) I'm going to have to pay CRAZY customs and duties when they get to my door. ARGH!

    If I had known this, I would've ordered them elsewhere (and with a company that ships USPS) and probably would've had them already...
  10. ^wow that sucks. If you want to cancel your order, RM should be able to call UPS and have the package rerouted back to their office if it hasn't left the US yet.
  11. It already left...:tdown:
  12. Oh wait, hold on it hasn't! Desi, What do I do? Should I call Rm directly?
  13. ^Fail. Did you have to pay shipping on them?

    ETA: Call RM directly to cancel, and ask them if they can call UPS and have the package routed back to their office. If you want to keep the order then just ask them to ship it via USPS for you instead so you don't have to pay customs!
  14. I can't find the number and now I'm panicking! LOL
  15. I did have to pay $15 shipping...

    When I spoke to Codi she said had to use UPS cause they have a contract with them?