Zip Wallets!

  1. I was just thinking it was time to retire my Sunshine Paper/Plastic for the fall, and was hoping a new wallet would come out....RM has answered my prayers with these two HOT wallets. Does anyone know anything about these, like the colours they come in, how many card slots there are, etc.?

    The first one is the Small Zip wallet in Orange Haze, which I found on Funkylala, and also where these pics are from...It is priced at $150.

    The second is the Long Zip Wallet in Black (black haze I assume), which I found on the RM website, and where the pics are from too. It is also priced at $150.
    smallzip2.jpg smallzip1.jpg smallzip3.jpg longzip1.jpg longzip2.jpg
  2. I like these wallets way better than the paper & plastic ones! (Although those were sweet-looking -- but I kept on worrying that the writing would wear off of those). These are killer, and I like the zip around feature...not to mention the orange haze color, which is absolutely T.D.F. :drool:
  3. I will be getting the large one. Hoping for PH or OH but the black is nice as well. :tup: I have also been searching for the perfect wallet, one that's sleek with lots of organization that will hopefully still fit in my rockers and I think this is it. I love that I can get one in one of RM's fabulous leathers. No others compare for me so I'm excited! I believe LB is in the process of trying to get some of these in the haze colors to sell so yay!
  4. i definitely want the Large one in black...
  5. Awesome! I think black would be good since I plan on keeping it for a while, but the other hazes are amazing!!! I think I'll be getting the large too!

    Lo, you NEED the OH!

    I hope LB gets them soon!!!
  6. I would love to have the OH wallet! I hesitate to buy a OH bag but I definitely would be interested in an OH wallet.
  7. I like the blk long wallet, but really don't need it! I would love to have the orange haze, but my wallets have to be neutral because I don't change them like I change bags!
    I am actually waiting for the eyelet wallets which come out later...maybe I will get one of those.
  8. I'm going to be all over that big black one once I have money for it!
  9. I'm loving the one in BH and OH but i really want purple haze as first choice :yes:
  10. I'm loving these as well! Does anyone know how many CC slots are in each?
    Orange haze is so hot!
  11. Love the small zip wallet. It reminds me of my Bal Mini Compagnon but just a touch smaller. I'm absolutely getting it ASAP.
  12. Hey, you are so right...that's what it reminded me of! No wonder I love them!! (I :heart: Bal).

    I want PH and/or OH, in the smaller wallets...and the eyelet that you mentioned intrigues me, TXGirlie...:graucho:

    I love the eyelet in the smaller pieces, like the rocker.
  13. You need to watch that video again! It's on there...and in Auburn!
  14. I DIE!!! :faint:

    Well since it's an entirely different wallet, then I can justify getting one of each. Case closed. HA!!! :nuts:

    The would make good holiday pressies, too, me thinks. :graucho:
  15. Orange haze comes in the small and large
    Purple Haze only comes in the small.