Zip-Top Totes

  1. I just bought the Bordeaux GST and I love it, the only problem is that it does not have a complete zip-top (the middle compartment zips, but the rest is open).

    I work in a courthouse and have to put my bag through the X-ray 3x/day. Inevitably, things fall out of the GST.

    I was thinking of purchasing an LV Saleya MM for my next bag, but I was wondering if there were any Chanel styles that have a full zipper closure?

  2. Medallion tote zips all the way across.
  3. [​IMG]
    Diamond stitch - Discontinued?

    Vintage Ligne
  4. Great suggestions, all! The diamond stitch is TDF; I hope it's not discontinued!
  5. the smaller version of the gst is not big enough to put folders and papers though. It's like a mini cube. The medallion tote could be an option for you.