Zip or Clip?


Do You Prefer Zip or Envelope Wallet?

  1. Zip-Up.

  2. Envelope.

  3. Other.

  4. Don't Use A Wallet.

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. So, I need to buy a wallet to go along with the Holiday Patchwork Tote that I'm receiving for christmas! :yahoo:

    at first I was 100% on the Zip-Up, but now I saw the Slim Envelope Wallet on the Macy's site, and I'm all confused.
    So I was wondering which do ya'll prefer?
    zip-up or slim envelope, and why?

    tia. :yes:
  2. Post pics of your choices!
  3. I love any of the coach Zip Accordion wallets!
  4. I have a slim envelope wallet & love it!!
  5. I love my envelope wallet (last year patchwork) I stay so much more organized with that. I guess it is my OCD.
  6. I don't use wallets and probably never will! hehe...just my weirdness coming through. I'd rather get wristlets and mini skinnies to use, but that's me.
  7. Girl you dont know what you are missing. We're gonna have to work on this lol!:yes:
  8. sorry, i totally forgot to add pictures.
    up until now, i was only looking at the coach site, which only has the zip-ups.


    but then i went to the macy's site to look at their charms, and the slim-envelope was there.


    what other stores sell coach items? [so i know i'm not missing anything else!]
  9. Kimmie I have tried!!!! LOL!!!! :sad:
    Now I won't spend the money on them anymore
  10. I like this one best! [​IMG]

    Never say never Candace!!:nogood:;)
  11. I prefer the slim :yes: I don't want to unzip it everytime.. even to get change out, and the zipper part can get worn out or stretched... usually the biggest factor for me is the checkbook. Those are beautiful wallets btw!!! :tup:
  12. I like the envelope wallet.
  13. I know...but I don't have the luxury of spending money on stuff I don't use right now :sad:
    Maybe someday!
  14. it has been decided.
    i am going with the envelope.
    i thought about the zipper wearing out,
    because i do use my wallets alot, because i'm ocd and i put my stuff away and close them everytime.

    thanks everyone! :yahoo:
  15. Great! I'm glad you decided on a wallet! The envelope wallet is a good choice. I'm trying to decide on a Coach wallet to buy too. I like the envelope wallet over the zip because I like easy access and zipping seems like it would take more time to open than the snap. But I find that envelope wallets are too long for me. I like a compact sized wallet, but I need one with lots of card slots because I have a lot of cards! But I don't want one that will bulge too much and be hard to close. I don't know if such a wallet exists!