Zip Cluth In Rust?

  1. Anyone Ever Saw This Color?
    Are The Cluthes Too Big To Be Used As A Wallet Inside A Bag?
  2. Rust is Brown. Zipped Clutch is not too big inside a bag, it's the size of regular checkbook wallet. This style is very popular, it's dressy enough to be used alone as a clutch.

    If the color works for you, go for it. With 40% off (assuming you are getting the discount for this item too), it's a great deal for an absolutely authentic item. This style is often faked too.
  3. I love my clutches. I use them all of the time and they fit in most of my bags. They are extremely versatile as mentioned by bag.lover. I just bought the zip clutch in rust. It was a great deal!
  4. its currently on sale at Bloomingdales and if you enter 40SALE at checkout you get another 40% off! I order the clutch and 4 other MJ bags so far.
  5. I also just ordered the clutch in rust! You guys are such was a really great deal though, especially with the additional 40%, thats like $200 off the retail price! I had been thinking about a zip clutch for a while and this just clinched it!
    Hopefully it will ship sometime in the not too distant looked like it might take a while.
  6. Congrats on ordering the clutch! That is SUCH an awesome price!!!
  7. I purchased this clutch on Sunday. When I saw the further price drop, I felt a little ill. But, I called them and asked about it. They said that since my purchase fell within a 10 day window, they'd adjust the price. Good customer service, I thought.