Zip clutches on sale anywhere?

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  1. The traditional one, any color!

  2. Look in the MJ sale sightings list:

    Eluxury had one in Cocoa for $277, and I just got one today from Saks for $276 -
    Have fun!
  3. Dear AbbytheBT, may I know what colors in saks are on sale? Thanks
  4. Hello - For sure the Topaz at Saks. I purchased via charge/send from NY store. I believe it is all the Resort 06 colors, which include Cocoa, Black and Tapioca. Olive is sold out nationwide. A good SA will check the inventory.

    Eluxury also had the Quilted ZC from Resort 06 in plum, truffle and black.
  5. I saw the cocoa one on sale at eluxury yesterday. Even if you can't find one on sale, consider the cost per carry factor. I've been carrying my one and only zip clutch (in washed rose) every day for over a year and a half. That works out to under a dollar a day! Well worth it!
  6. ^ I like how you think!! ZCs are by far the best value for your buck from all the MJ products.
  7. Mmmm - does that mean I should keep all the ones I ordered? :nuts: Ha - went overboard on the elux sale and ordered the plum ZC & cocoa ZC too. The topaz ZC is coming from saks, so will keep one, maybe two ......
  8. Wow! You have 3 ZC's coming your way? Lucky girl!! I would have a hard time picking which to keep!
  9. Hmm, today I saw a few ZC's at Bloomies. They had a 25% off sign next to them in the case. I saw a quilted one that looked burgundy-ish, not sure exactly what color it was. Also saw a gold and black one.
  10. omg- i bet the topaz is :drool:
  11. Clearly I have a difficult time resisting sales! - I haven't seen the plum IRL, but saw Topaz a few months ago, and cocoa. So will just decide when it all gets here ........HURRY UP FED-EX MAN!!!
  12. I hope you have better luck than I did. I ordered a cocoa zip clutch from eLuxury and my FedEx guy seems to have stolen it. :sad:
  13. I saw the plum one IRL and it was beautiful!! I would def keep that, esp if you got a good price for it.
  14. I have a topaz ZC and it is beautiful. I'm so glad I got it when I did. I need to find another color ZC. They are great.
  15. I hope it is just the weekend delay! - when I look at tracking, it says Wed. for me.