Zip Clutch Wallet

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  1. What store has an assortment of zip clutch wallet colors? I am looking for whiskey, amethyst or black. Not limited to these colors thou if you know of some other pretty different colors that are out there.
  2. I know has a few colors available on their site, and as far as bricks and mortar stores go you should call around to Neimans, Saks and Nordstrom to see what they have, since I get the impression every department store independently chooses what they carry. (For example, my local Nordstrom doesn't carry MJ at all, while the one downtown does.)
    And I was just on some small boutique website last week and they had black and whiskey (sorry, no amethyst). I think it was
    eLux has black, emerald, graphite and whiskey, no amethyst, either.
  3. Nordstrom South Coast Plaza: Soft Calf Clutch in Black, Amethyst, Whiskey, Linen, Emerald, etc; Ursula Clutch in Midnight, Black, etc.

    Ask for Marty -- he's familiar with MJ stuffs and extremely friendly/nice.
  4. ^ Nordstrom SCP location has the biggest selection (in Orange County). The 3 colors you listed were spotted at Nordstrom Irvine Spectrum, Mission Viejo The Shop, and Brea Mall.

    I stopped by NM & Bloomies (Fashion Island) over the weekend, the zip clutch selection is limited.
  5. You can go to Nordstrom, Neiman, or Marc Jacobs boutique. I think they have one in Whiskey. I recently got one in putty. It's so pretty.
  6. Nordies Towson Town Center had an Amethyst one last time I was there. But you can call any NM, Nordies, or Saks and do a search.
  7. One of our members picked up an amethyst clutch recently at the Boston MJ store. Check your local MJ boutique.
  8. I saw a bordeaux one at SF Nordies not too long ago..
  9. I saw whiskey and black at Barneys a few weeks ago. No amethyst though.
  10. Thanks everyone, such helpful information!
  11. Well you fellow MJ experts after much investigative work on your part. And much calling around on my part I finally found the zip clutch wallet from South Coast Plaza Nordstroms. I spoke with Marty and it is on its way:wlae: ! Thanks bag.lover you are greatest!
  12. Janicemph, glad you got it. =) Hope you will love it in person as well.

    I was there over the weekend & saw zip clutches in various colors. Because of his voice, Marty's often mistaken for a woman. He is very helpful (knows the items quite well), honest (tells you if a bag/wallet isn't good/perfect), and nice too. =)