zip clutch question

  1. I am debating whether to purchase the grey ZC now or to wait to see all the colors. . .I also really love the lavendar and have not yet seen pics of the green. Has anyone seen these in person? All the stores around here just have the basic colors and elux is the only place online I have seen the grey. When do you think all the colors will hit the stores (or maybe I missed it?). Also, anyone heard of any upcoming sales? I have been stalking the ZC for so long and I just adore the grey, so want to buy now or as soon as possible! :yes:
  2. I haven't seen these colors in person, but I would advise you to purchase one at full price now if you know in your heart that it would enrich your life and make you smile each time you use it!
  3. I have the light grey and I am in love with it. I also doubt you will find it in sale. Light grey seems to be going fast, I have been to quite some shops where light grey was sold out.
  4. As bag-addict suggested, get the light grey, go with your first intuition, you wont regret it I'm sure!
  5. I saw the lavender with gold hardware and I can't say that I love it... just didn't look right to me. I have the fall Emerald 06 and it works great for matching with all my bags(which are jeweled tone). I'd say go with light grey or the green.
  6. Lavendar reminds me of Lilac, the old season color and I think it looks so much better with nickle hardware.