Zip Clutch Question

  1. For those of you with MJ zip clutches (esp ones in bright colors), have you had any problems with leaving your wallet inside your MJ bag with the suede lining? I'm scared that if I leave the leather zip clutch in my bag the color might rub off or react in some weird way with the suede lining of the bag....slightly paranoid I know but I thought I'd ask anyways. Thanks!
  2. Hmm... never had a problem with mine. I have an emerald ZC that I always use with my light grey lined Amethyst MP. No marks in my bag, and I'm a throw and go type of girl.
  3. Ditto... ;)

    I have never had any problems with color transfer, etc... The ZCs that I have are really durable and definately worth the money!! (I don't know if you are looking or already have one...) Anyhow... I'm pretty rough on my wallet and the ZC is perfect for me!! As a side note, keeps me really organized too!
  4. thanks guys. i've had my eye on the ZC for awhile now but had some concerns because i'm pretty rough and tumble with my wallets. hopefully i'll be able to get one soon, although i can't seem to find one in a color i like yet. an emerald one sounds gorgeous though! i'd love to see pics of different colored ZCs - just to see what's out there! All I've seen online are the brown, black, and white ones.
  5. ZCs can be found in any color that the classic calf bags are made in. Most dept stores don't carry every color, only basic or popular colors. If you want to see the other colors, you should check an MJ boutique, or ask them to send a photo to you. ZCs are probably found in every color under the rainbow, but since some colors are discontinued, you might have a hard time finding a particular color. Your best bet is to stick with current season colors and hope that it hasn't sold out yet!
  6. I absolutely LOVE my zip clutch. I bought it in geranium a couple of years ago. Even when I switch purses (right now I'm using a Balenciaga black city) I still use my pink wallet.
  7. I have a zip clutch in washed rose and it looks as good today (one year after purchase) as the day it was born. I carry it inside my Stella with cream suede lining and have never had one bit of trouble.
  8. ^ You are so lucky to have a washed rose ZC! I've never seen one before! Would love to see pics!
  9. I've never had any probs either...Mine is black.....Would LOVE to have fav wallet!!!!
  10. I totally covet your black ZC Emmy. *sigh* I'm on a ban anyway. :push:
  11. Hi..haven't had any problems even when I have put protection cleaning cream on my zip and stuck it in the bag too soon.. I have the midnight, emerald and black zip..mags
  12. I never had problem with suede lining. I have ZC in putty and it's been fine in my Stam with blue suede lining. The only problem I had with color rubbing off was my lilac mp with my dark blue jeans. Damn!
  13. Yeah well I will be-self imposed- if I do what I think I'm going to do:push:
  14. I got it! I got the black zip clutch with gold hardware. I really wanted a bright color but was unable to find one so I figured you can never go wrong with black. I love the ZC so far and will post pics as soon as I figure out how to do it.
  15. Congrats! You will love this clutch :yahoo:. I'm sorry that you couldn't find the color that you wanted. Have you called MJ stores? At least black will go with anything! ;)