zip clutch poll


vote once for your fav all around zip

  1. canary quilted

  2. midnight quilted patent

  3. blue smooth leather

  4. tapioca smooth leather

  5. emerald smooth leather

  6. black smooth leather

  7. cocoa smooth leather

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hello ladies..still on my zip clutch spin...come twirl with me on which of these you like best, works best with what you have, love carrying..etc. thanks maggie:yes:
  2. Which blue smooth leather ZC are you referring to?
  3. Im a boring gal..LOL..Id go for the black
  4. Melly..i was referring to the new spring blue that looks cobalt..sorry should have clarified..mags
  5. Patent! give me anything patent!! but the new spring navy/cobalt blue with goldhardware looks yummy tooo ... but again i love the ursula ZC. i really shouild have gotten one when they were still available.... i don't khow how i'm going to find one now =(
  6. I always do that stuff just after it's my sudden want of an orange zip.. Do you think its too much to have the cobalt and also the midnight patent..they are similar in color but I was thinking they are a different style type so would go with different bags?? mags
  7. precisely! it's not like u're carrying them at the same time!! and even if u are shades of the same family look pretty =) if i had enough $$ i'd buy lots of ZC in different colors and finishes...

    u're actually asking the wrong person bcoss i will buy the same bag in the same color or the same bag in different colors!! LOL

    how are u going to find the patent ZC tho?? let me know if u find an extra patent zc - any color! =)
  8. ^^I don't think it's too much. The two blues are totally different, and they are made from different leathers!
    I voted for the cobalt blue, even though I haven't seen it IRL. I actually prefer the ZC with silver hardware overall!
  9. Well...I've found a black quilted zip clutch with the extra big zipper pull and the maroon suede at Nordstroms but not the midnight yet. I have a lot of bags with silver hardware too and not one marc wallet for them...I do have a perlina knockoff but that's it. It would be great to find some of these...
    I'm so glad I'm not the only one...I feel like I want my bag that I carry and because I love it so much a back up for jic.

    Do you all change out wallets very often?? mags
  10. PS I didn't buy the black but put it on hold for you guys.. if anyone wants it..801 261-4402. Ask for Kevin. m
  11. I voted BLACK! Just cuz that's the color I have LOL. But I love the emerald and tapioca colors as well!
  12. I voted for the Midnight Quilted Patent ZC. If you can't find one I would go with the Navy (Cobalt) instead.
  13. i don't have it...but i still voted for the blue smooth leather. New NAVY is the bee's knees!!!
  14. Midnight Quilted Patent Zip Clutch gets my vote, it's a stunning color! This line's from S/S 2006, it's harder to find nowadays. I am unable to find one in Blush, been looking ever since its release at the beginning of last year.
  15. Lindsay Lohan with her Midnight Quilted Ursula Elise