Zip Clutch Owners

  1. Hi ladies,
    I just bought the zip clutch which I have been wanting for sooo long!!! This is such a useful and roomy wallet I love it. I know this seems like a silly questions, but what do you use the 2 front pockets for? Can't wait to hear everyones thoughts!!
  2. when i first got my zip clutch, i tried putting spare change in them, but that got cumbersome (open one pocket to find the right amount of change, then open the second). hmm...maybe they'll make good condom holders? just a thought.
  3. I put change in one and mints/candy in the other. I never thought about condoms hmmmmm :idea:
  4. I keep change in them.
  5. I put change in one and stamps in the other. I LOVE my zip clutch and am constantly amazed at how much I can carry (neatly) in it.
  6. Never used them!
  7. Ditto. I have never used them either.
  8. thanks for everyones different ideas and uses, so far I havent used them either, there is just so many other places to keep change and other mis. things that they are not really neded, love my zip clutch though!
  9. I have painkillers in the right front pocket and photographs in the left one. Mine is in Rose Quartz shade, and I have used it now for 1½ years, constantly! Love it, not only because it's super practical :love:! It sure has a lot of storage space!

    ...and I hold my change in the outer zip pocket!
  10. I use them for change.
  11. i put change in mine. just bought it today!!!! I got a non-quilted one in amythest. I was going to go for quilted but fell in love with the color.
  12. I´m dying to get a zip clutch, saving up for it since I just splurged on 2 bags.