Zip clutch or BE.V wristlet?


Zip clutch or BE.V wristlet?

  1. Zip clutch

  2. BE.V wristlet

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  1. I'm trying to find a small pouch to substitute as a wallet/receipt holder/etc holder to match the new Dr Q tote that I saw at Saks. The tote is cream with gold hardware and a bit smaller and less chunkier than the older Dr Q totes.

    Which would be better? I'm thinking the wristlet can be attached to the ring inside the tote but I do fine the white zip clutch irresistable... will try to find a white or cream version of it, not the lilac :smile:


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  2. the zip clutch is really cute. i'm actually thinking of getting one too.. i really like the lilac...
    good luck with your choices!
  3. i own both the bev and the zc. the zc sounds like its more of what your looking for; it has many slots to hold your receipts and credit cards. its all about organization with the zip clutch. the bev i use mainly when im going out to a bar or a casino; i can fit my iphone, chapstick, moneys, and 3 cards. hope that helps!
  4. Check into the zc it is great!!
  5. Zip clutch all the way!
  6. Another vote for the Zip Clutch! :love: I'd have one in every color if I could!
  7. Tuffcookie, that's exactly what I was thinking. So I guess the be.v's too big as a pouch? The factors that I liked about it was the chain and how thin it is.

    Thanks you guys! I WAS leaning toward the ZC, I was just worried about it being thick. I already have too many continental wallets but I want to match (haha). Now to find a cream version...