Zip Clutch Joy!

  1. I broke out the Bordeaux Zip Clutch this week ladies. I LOVE THE ZC!!!
    Seriously, usually I stuff my wallet and am so disorganized. This ZC is so
    beautiful - it makes me want to keep everything neat and tidy.
    It fits in even my smaller bags - it's so beautiful and I love all the compartments.
    I am so glad I had the opportunity to get some ZCs this sale at Nordstroms!
    LOVING IT!!!!!!
  2. I was amazed at how much I loved the ZC too. It definitely keeps everything so nicely organized and there are so many slots & pockets, there are some I don't even use. I'm happy you love yours too!:yes:
  3. I love the ZC too. I really believe it is the BEST wallet. I have so many others and nothing compares!!!!
  4. I love the zc, there is nothing quite like it!! It is so easy to use, whether in your bag or alone!!
  5. lol you guys are too funny, loving a wallet, but it's true i'm in love with mine, i look at it and play with it. i like to hold it in front of my mirror and run my palm over it's leather. The actual term for this affliction is "zc worship" classified with symtoms of zc molestation and zc obsession with possible side effects of zc envy.
  6. I'm glad you ladies are enjoying your zc's. I cannot wait until I own one!!!
  7. i got mine like 3-4 years ago, and i still use it! i :heart: marc jacobs!
  8. I so need a ZC.....:crybaby:
  9. you are too funny "zc molestation"!:graucho:
  10. Great news ladies!!! Someone posted on the sales thread that Shopbop had the black softcalf zc on sale and I got lucky that it was still available. I am just waiting for my order to be shipped!!!:yahoo:I cannot wait!!! It's no grey or bordeaux zc but I figured black is always a must-have piece.
  11. it's the best wallet I've ever owned!
  12. Congratulations xi_captain!!! That's awesome!!
  13. :yes::heart::yes:
  14. i bought the same wallet in the same color this weekend.. i got it for $132 with my discount!
  15. ^^That's a damn good deal! Congrats!