Zip Clutch in Dark Green?

  1. Did the quilted zip clutch wallet ever come in a dark green color?
  2. Sorry, I just re-read your post. Emerald & Olive were only available for soft calf zip clutch (non-quilted).
  3. Is the petrol a dark blue green?
  4. Not sure how dark you mean, or whether you want plain or patent, but the patent quilted comes in a sort of dark green, Moss. eLuxury has them for sale, but I think that color is being phased out. I remember someone saying that department stores were selling them at a discount.
  5. Hi...I have a quilted stam in petrol and it is much darker than the pictures is blue forest green like...
    I also have the smooth zip that I just bought in the new emerald. It is a dark forest green but I was told did not come in quilted. hope this helps. maggie
  6. PS..the marc site had the mischa pictured with the new emerald green. m
  7. Maggie, thanks! Yes, I think it is petrol. I guess I have been looking at the petrol multipocket and it just looks so much more blue than the petrol quilted wallet. I bet your emerald wallet is gorgeous! Love the new fall colors!
  8. Are you thinking of getting the Petrol? I think that is my favorite color to date, followed by the burgundy. ;)
  9. I have the moss green and love it! As shown in photo above!
  10. I was looking at a petrol wallet. I don't think it is the same color as the petrol MP that you liked. It is a dark blue green color. I know, I LOVE the burgundy color and still am kicking myself b/c I did not get that cammie!!! :girlsigh:
  11. I know! That moss green clutch is beautiful!!:heart: